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  • About me

    I am a keen web developer who has focused on the Internet since '95 and been involved in most aspects of the Internet business in positions ranging from web designer, programmer, webmaster, to manager of websites, databases and online projects.

    What I do

    • Turn-key websites
    • Custom programming
    • Design
    • E-commerce, bespoke and Magento
    • CMS, bespoke, WordPress and Magento
    • Databases
    • Advanced search engine positioning
    • Targeted marketing and advertising
    • Maintenance
    • GDPR compliance
    • Photography, fully equipped, professional level

    I also consult, host websites, provide training and information on Internet-related subjects.

    Programming languages

    • PHP (procedural and OOP, Zend and Laravel)
    • Perl
    • JavaScript
    • Unix/Linux shells
    • SQL-92 (MySQL 3.xx-5.xx, PostgreSQL)
    • Some mobile development (PhoneGap framework)


    Unix-based ANSI '92 compliant databases and DBMS's, including MySQL and PostgresSQL.

    Technological concepts

    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Responsive design
    • SSL (using HTTPS/shell)
    • CURL (Client URL Request Library)
    • CGI, scripting
    • MVC
    • CSS/CSS3 (LESS, SASS) layout and formatting
    • AJAX
    • JQUERY
    • JSON
    • PhoneGap
    • Bitcoin


    • Graphics adapted for the Internet
    • Rich media

    SEO & Marketing

    • SEO keyword research
    • SEO link building (natural, white hat)
    • Google AdWords advertising (and AdSense)
    • Growth hacking
    • Rich media SEO (YouTube etc.)

    Operating systems

    • Mac OS (local/dev server)
    • FreeBSD/OpenBSD/Linux/RedHat (production/server)
    • Windows (3.11, 95, 98, NT3.51, NT4, ME 2000, XP & Windows 7 & 8) (local/dev server)
    • MS DOS


    • Affinity Designer
    • Adobe Fireworks
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Git
    • CodeKit
    • All Google analytical and advertising tools
    • Various SEO & Analytical tools

    I have used the Adobe web creation tools since they came out.

    Hardware: IBM PC & Mac.

  • Client list

    PC repairs, PC networks and PC troubleshooting

    1995-present day
    Solely focusing on the Internet and Internet technologies in the following manner:

    Unico.com (1996 - 1998)
    All aspects of unico.com, a UK-based PC network consultancy company.

    Ski-sensations.com (1997 - 2001)
    Online booking system for ski schools.

    DRM Pharmaceuticals UK (1998)
    Online marketing and promotion for DRM pharmaceutical websites.

    Neckline.com (1998 - 1999)
    Turn-key e-commerce solution for clothes company.

    Aarstiderne.com (1998 - 2000)
    Developed nationwide database-driven network where organic producers list products available for sale direct to the public.

    Teletubbies.com (1999 - 2001)
    Managed a popular children's website.

    Joinireland.com (2000)
    All programming and aspects of maintenance.

    Industria Web - Project director (2001 - 2002)
    Industria Web (a joint venture between Ericsson and the Industria Group) in Milan, Italy.

    Teton Gravity Europe (2003-2004)
    Website, billing and e-commerce solution for film company.

    Senioriales UK (2005 - 2008)
    Web site and online marketing.

    We Are What We Do (2006 - 2008)
    E-commerce and programming.

    Plastic Ain't My Bag (2009)
    E-commerce and fulfillment programming for environment campaign by WAWWD and Anya Hindmarch in the UK.

    Yoomoo (2009-2011)
    Web site maintenance, programming, SEO, online advertising and online social media marketing for leading UK frozen yogurt company.

    SignatureFinder.com (2009-current)
    A search engine designed specifically for finding artists from fragments of their name/signatures. The project is my own and it is a derivative of my passion for art. Another issue I am working on is indexing of artists and I have built robots that harvest data and feeds it to the database. The project also involves foreign characters (éàçù...) and how to deal with those in a user friendly and performant way for a search engine and also fast AJAX requests for delivering as-you-type results.

    Coiffure du Monde / Jean-Claude Aubry (2011-...)
    Web-based cash register system, real-time reporting system tying in 300 outlets nation-wide for French hairdressing group based in Toulouse, e-commerce and some website work.

  • Kudos

    The Cisco IBM E-Commerce Award 2000

    Awarded the e-commerce award of the year 2000 arranged by Cisco, UNI-C and PBS in Denmark. The prize was for the innovative solution for nation-wide distribution of perishable organic produce for aarstiderne.com.


    Under my management, the company became profitable and traffic increased 10 times from 2.800 unique visitors per day to 27.500+ unique visitors per day (16.5 million hits per day).

    E-handels konferensen 2001 (The annual E-commerce conference - Copenhagen)

    I Won "Best E-commerce award" for client, Aarstiderne.com and also delivered the background material and theories that made up the main speech, "The Mechanics of E-commerce Success".


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